A collection of utilities for working with MobileSync (iPod, iPhone, iPad…) backups. Right now it only supports mounting backups via FuseFS. Tested only under OSX Lion and with iOS 5 Backups (at this time I found no other utility compatible).

This is an experimental application, Use it at your own risk.


$ git clone
$ cd mobilesync/
$ rake install


$ mobilesync help
  mobilesync help [TASK]                       # Describe available tasks or one specific task
  mobilesync mount [BACKUP DIR] [MOUNT POINT]  # Mount the specified backup into the specified mount point

$ mkdir mountpoint
$ mobilesync mount ~/Library/Application\ Support/MobileSync/Backup/5258f14e14a5a7907878774eb41653ba1d787f8b-20111005-154802/ mountpoint/

$ cd mountpoint/
$ ls
Documents             Library               Media                 SystemConfiguration   TrustStore.sqlite3    keychain-backup.plist

Future Plans

Decryption of keychain. If you are familiar please contact me or send pull request :)