Hello, I'm Víctor Martínez, a 28 years old ruby hacker from Barcelona, Spain.

I'm a perfectionist and a constantly learning autodidact. I breathe technology in my daily job and in my spare time as part of my most passionate hobby.

I enjoy working on small development teams and to teach and learn from everyone involved. I'm fascinated about other people's work, thoughts and ways of accomplishing things which I usually follow through their blogs, GitHub and Stack Overflow. I have a sensible commitment to Open Source. I publish my own personal projects and whenever I can, I report issues, try to fix them and contribute back.

Professional Experience

Backend/frontend developer at Camaloon.com, Barcelona

January 2012 - Today – http://camaloon.com/

Involved in the frontend/backend implementation of a worldwide e-commerce for the customziation of consumer products like pin badges, phone skins and t-shirts. (Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Postgresql, Redis, Memcached)

Software engineer at Wuaki.tv, Barcelona

July, 2011 - January 2012 (over 2 years) – http://wuaki.tv/

As a software and release engineer of a Hulu-like online video streaming service for the european market where movies, tv shows, documentaries and live retransmissions can be purchased or rented. Content is provided by the biggest majors and processed by Nice264 transcoding platform.
The application serves as a web frontend and as a REST API for a dedicated set-top box. (Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Java, MySQL, Redis)

Software engineer at NicePeopleAtWork, Barcelona

February, 2008 - March, 2010 (about 2 year) – http://www.nicepeopleatwork.com/

As a software engineer involved in the design, team management and development of the following projects:

  • Youtube-like video portal for a summer contest for Grupo Godó (La Vanguardia, El Mundo Deportivo, Rac1, Rac105). Contestants can upload their vacation videos, vote and comment the other contestant ones. (Ruby, Ruby on Rails, MySQL)
  • Simple online booking book for restaurants. Third-parties can book through a REST API. Restaurants get statistics about their customers and sponsors can promote their products. (Ruby, Ruby on Rails, MySQL)
  • iPhone application backend for Atrápalo Restaurants. Developed a lightweight JSON REST API over their XML-RPC API in order to reduce the size of the request/responses. Also implemented caching, geolocalization and proximity sorting which was missing from the original API. (Ruby, Sinatra, Redis)

Software engineer at Evolium, Barcelona

February, 2008 - March, 2010 (about 2 year) – http://www.evolium.com/

As a software engineer involved in the design, team management and development of the following projects:

  • Online security scanner. It crawls customer's Web applications for common security flaws and vulnerabilities. Generates customized reports. (LAMP)
  • Online service for the submission and analysis of suspicious malware. Samples are distributed across a processing cluster and the user is notified later upon completion (LAMP/C++).
  • Phishing/Spoofing/Malware protection add-in for popular Web browsers. Uses heuristics to prevent and detect new unknown threats.
  • Distributed crash analysis and reporting tool for a well-known antivirus company. Application is running on a cloud cluster, processing million crashes per day. (ASP.NET/C#/C++/SQL Server)
  • Application for customer sensitive information tracking and project audition. Generates automatic reports based on the infrastructure security flaws, deployment and involved user accounts. (LAMP)

Web developer at Grupo Tresce, Barcelona

May, 2007 - February, 2008 (9 months) – http://www.tresce.com/

As project leader and primary developer of ecurso.net, an online guide for education and learning resources.
My task was to re-develop and re-design the site in order to improve conversion rates. After one month of the first deployment, search engine positioning dramatically improved and conversion rates bumped ten times the previous stats. (LAMP)

Graphic designer at B15 Imatge Corporativa, Llinars del Vallès

January, 2006 - May, 2007 (over 1 years) – http://www.b15.es/

As a designer, printer and CNC router operator. Involved in sign design, large format printing and vinyl stamping.

Hardware Hacker at Electrónica LAB, Blanes

July, 2001 - September, 2001 (2 months)

Assembling computers and fixing miscellaneous hardware parts on TVs, video consoles and mobile phones.



Heavily experienced in Ruby 1.8/1.9, PHP 4.0/5.0 and C# 2.0/3.0 as backend languages and HTML5, XHTML, CSS2/3 and Javascript (ECMA-262) as client-side languages.
Developed many applications using the most popular frameworks and CMS's out there: Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Zend Framework, Code Igniter, Kohana, CakePHP, WordPress, Drupal.

Minor experiences with Java, Python, Perl, Pascal, C and MASM.


Strongly experienced on well-known relational database systems such as MySQL, SQLite, PosgreSQL and SQL Server.
Knowledge to successfully model databases in order to fit the application needs and to properly index and efficiently query the information contained.
Also experienced in key-value stores like Memcache and Redis, mostly used as caching layers.

Operating Systems

Super user on almost all flavors and versions of Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.
More comfortable on Debian-based Linux distributions. Familiar with FreeBSD-based UNIX such as OS X's Darwin.
Strong experience on server provisioning, configuration management, application deployment and maintenance.
Experience in load balancing, high availability and cluster setups.

Version Control

Experienced on CVS and SVN. After discovering Git I'm no longer interested in any other VCS.


Escola Professional d'Aplicacions Informàtiques

2007 - 2008 – http://www.espai.es/

IES Cumella

1999 - 2002 – http://www.xtec.cat/iesacumella/

IES Lluís Companys

1995 - 1999 – http://www.xtec.es/iestordera/


1995 - 1996 – http://www.brianxa.cat/


  • Catalan – Native
  • Spanish – Native
  • English – Advanced